Need Covid-19 Rapid Response Services?
We got you Covered!

We’ve supported both small and large health systems from the onset of the pandemic in March. With continuous improvement made as new care protocols emerge, Cadence Health provides comprehensive remote patient monitoring with flexible care plans that cover your employees with COVID-19, chronic conditions and acute events.

Monitor COVID-19 positive medium-risk employees in their homes






As businesses look at how to revamp and reinvent day-to-day operations to comply not only with a wide variety of new Covid-19 enacted regulations, while also assuring employees, clients, and stakeholders, they are doing everything possible to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Cadence Health assemble a team of Human Resources policy professionals and attorneys to guide our clients with compliance strategies, risk mitigation and business operations.

Our programs outlines, document and create internal and external communications that address questions, concerns, and safety considerations to keep employees safe and consumers confident. Our Rapid Response team can assist with everything from issues implicated by bringing employees back into the workplace to a proactive review and revision of policies and procedures to maximize protection and flexibility.

We have teams focused on:


Local, state and federal policy monitoring, working with your HR team and legal counsel to provide you with the documented compliance artifacts, with suggested policies and procedures that need to be incorporated into every strategy around moving from response to transition phase.


For all of your employees and their families, we have partnered with several Lab Networks, to provide different SLA’s for results (24/48/72 hrs.) our integrated technology platform streamlines the ordering process, shortens the testing throughput, and ease of access for receiving test reports.

Infection Response

On learning that a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, we have the clinical pathways and sanitation protocols that should be implemented immediately to ensure the safety of the fellow students and co- workers and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws.

Clinical Services

VirtuaFirst, will assist in providing quality employee care coordination designed to provide multiple follow-ups and check points with the client's employee's and our independent network of labs, the patient's PCPs or any family members designated as part of their plan of care.

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