Care Coordinated

VirtuaFirst was designed to be a more seamless, caring, and integrated healthcare system, by bringing together caring and innovative clinicians to eliminate gaps in care and empower patients to take charge of their health.

About Us

Our goal was to bridge the gap between convenience and compliance, while improving the overall patient experience by following a complete care coordination model.

The Challenge

Improving the overall patient experience by following a complete care coordination model, to create clinical workflows and pathways to efficiently respond to the demands of the new era in healthcare.

The Solution

Create a more simple, caring and integrated healthcare ecosystem, optimizing the clinical care pathways and social engagement tools to manage risk, promote wellness, and to lower healthcare costs.

How we are doing it!

We eliminate gaps in care by providing a comprehensive approach focusing on the relationships between patients, their primary care physician, and other health professionals involved in their care.

How are we Different

Our approach is characterized by care coordinated across all elements of quality and safety; and enhanced access to care:
1. A triage and patient orientation. This initial visit is conducted by a clinician licensed in the state where the patient is located.
2. Educational Follow-Up Visit. In this interaction, we follow-up with the patient and/or their PCP to discuss any changes that could impact the patient’s medications and plan of treatment.
3. Home Health Wellness Visit. each patient is followed up with a home visit to do medication reconciliation, collect labs (if requested), setup monitoring for Chronic conditions.

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